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About RunMyVillage

RunMyVillage was developed by Gembrook Systems, LLC, a software development firm based in Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. We're a group of club and association veterans; we've been involved in car clubs, computer clubs, community service clubs, entrepreneurial groups, and various outdoor clubs for many years, both as members and as officers.
We've also been software developers for more than 30 years, and have worked with the Internet and web-based technologies since the earliest days. Our founders have developed some of the most sophisticated Internet applications ever deployed. We've also enveloped custom membership databases for a number of membership-based organizations. So we know what villages need.


As club administrators, you know that one of the toughest problems facing any village, large or small, is finding enough volunteers to run the village and organize activities. Being the one who does the work behind the scenes can be a thankless task and with our increasingly busy lives, our hobbies, professional interests, community service activities, and kids' activities sometimes get pushed aside.

But we also know that these passions and community involvements help keep us sane. They enrich our family lives and networks of friends by allowing us to share activities together. They enrich our communities through charitable and education programs and through a web of connections to club in other communities. They foster an appreciation of the natural environment and of our history and cultural heritage. They strengthen our professional networks and help us to improve our careers. Our clubs and associations and community organizations are an integral part of America and a free society.
Our mission is to take the drudgery out of running and growing a village. Using the powerful technologies of the Internet, we make it as easy as possible to create, manage and sustain a strong, vibrant village, one that people join because it's fun, because it helps them, and because it adds to their communities. Our objective is to earn your business by earning your trust and by demonstrating extraordinary customer service. We will price our products and services reasonably for non-profit organizations, so that the officers of a village, no matter how small or how little they charge, will see RunMyVillage as a good choice to help sustain and grow their village.

Our mission is to take the drudgery out of running and growing a village.
We make it as easy as possible to create, manage and sustain a strong and vibrant village...

How RunMyVillage Works

This 35 minute video provides a quick introduction to RunMyVillage. Click Here to Watch

If you'd prefer a guided demo, just call us at (866) 457-2582 or Request a live demo

1 Create
With RunMyVillage, there is no software to install. The RunMyVillage platform works over the Internet using any Internet browser and personal computer. Your information is stored on our dedicated servers in a secure data center and can be accessed by authorized users from anywhere.

Villages sign up to RunMyVillage online, using a special Signup Wizard. When you join, we create your account and a default website. We then take you to the website where you login to start defining your member database and the content of your site. You use the tools within RunMyVillage itself to create your website, membership database, non-member contact list, member types, event calendar, document libraries, committees, member interests, etc.

Once you go live, the website can be accessed in a number of ways:
  • If you already have an Internet domain name, we will help you transfer it.
  • If you don't have a domain name, we can help you get one.
  • If you don't want a domain name, you can always access your website using a sub-domain (for example,
2 Customize
As a village administrator, you customize the website using our powerful designers and configuration utilities. You specify the layout and color scheme of the site, as well as the logo, text and background to use in the header of each page. RunMyVillage includes a number of built-in templates and themes, but we also support custom templates to replicate the look and feel of your current website. Additionally, you can configure your club's membership database, including the different member types, renewal and expiration schedules, committees, chapters, districts and regions, official contacts and other unique information.

With RunMyVillage, everything is live, so you can see your updates immediately. And there is no need to come back to us for such basic tasks; all RunMyVillage functions are menu- and dialog-box-driven, making it easy for even non-programmers to configure and personalize your website and database.
3 Manage
Using RunMyVillage, you can maintain, track and organize all the details of your village, including new member signups, renewals, expirations, event registrations, donations and other transactions and payments.

As part of your setup, you will also send us your membership database and non-member contact lists to load automatically into your website for you. Once you have reviewed the data, RunMyVillage then sends every member a welcome email, inviting them to check out the new website and to update their personal information in the database.

RunMyVillage includes a merchant account for credit card processing. Funds collected through the website flow directly into your bank account. You also have the option of using your own merchant account.

With RunMyVillage, there are no checks to write; our monthly fees are withdrawn directly from your organization's bank account, with detailed reports available online to track how these fees were calculated.

Why Use RunMyVillage

1 Create
Build an online hub for your organization, without the need to know web coding
2 Customize
Make the site your own with a customized look and feel, menus and modules
3 Manage
Organize, communicate, and coordinate through your RunMyVillage web site

Get powerful Internet based tools to help you manage and grow an aging in place village. RunMyVillage lets you easily create your village's custom website, integrated with your membership database and communications tools. You get features for everybody: visitors, members, program coordinators, and officers.

Simplified Management
Everything you need is in one place, including your membership database, financial reports, events, documents, committee tracking, and more.
Better Communications
Online membership directories, email and discussion forums make it easy for people to stay in touch and keep track of news and events.
People can sign up for your club, renew membership, and pay for events online, saving mailing costs as well as time.

Greater Accessibility
RunMyVillage makes your organization's membership and financial data available to authorized users from anywhere, at any time.
Higher Visibility
RunMyVillage websites are optimized for search engines, helping people find you when they are looking for a village in your area.
No Ads
You pay a low monthly fee based on your membership-and this includes everything, as well as unlimited toll-free support.

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If calling from the UK: 020 3129 9822

If toll-free is not available, or calling from
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