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Village Features

RunMyVillage, in partnership with the Village-to-Village Network, provides special features for Aging-in-Place Villages, which allow seniors to continue living in their homes while receiving support and services from their local virtual village.

More than 75% of villages use RunMyVillage to manage their operations, service providers, vettings, and service requests. Working with villages and the Village-to-Village Network, we have spent hundreds of hours tailoring the platform to the needs of villages.

Track Village Services and Service Providers
RunMyVillage provides features to track the services provided by your village to its members, as well as the service providers (contractors and volunteers) who provide these services. Track provider availability, vettings, and history. For services that members pay for, an optional module allows members to look up contractors on their own.
Track Service Requests
Create and manage service requests from members. Link them to one or more service providers based on the type of service being requested and provider availability. Send automated emails and track provider status until someone is confirmed for the request. After the request is complete, collect ratings and feedback, and track mileage and expenses.
Support for "Hub-and-Spoke" and "Neighborhood" models
RunMyVillage provides powerful support for villages organized under the "Hub-and-Spoke" model, to match members and service providers within a geographic area.
Contact Log
Track every interaction with a member or prospective member, including meeting, phone call, email, fax, letter, etc. Assign a category, priority, responsible member, and status. Create a followup contact. Use a ToDo list to manage open contacts. Multiple reports and exports available.
Village Template
When you start using RunMyVillage, we can copy over a Village Template that will give you a huge head start in defining all the options that RunMyVillage provides. The template is based on the best practices of other successful villages, including how they handle village-specific requirements, but also the many other features built into RunMyVillage such as committees, contact information, document libraries, events, graphics, and menus. And once the template has been applied, it's easy to tailor everything for how your village actually works.
Office Time
Special features are available to schedule and track volunteer office time provided by members to support the village.
Find a Contractor
Special module to allow members to find their own contractors (plumbers, electricians, etc.) from among the village's list of vetted contractors.
Become a Service Provider
Allows individuals and contractors who wish to provide services to village members to register online with the village and begin the interview and vetting process.
Availability and Pricing
These features are available at no additional charge to Aging-in-Place Villages that are members of the Village-to-Village Network. We also provide special pricing for villages. Contact us for more information.
Additional Contacts
For every member, track any number of emergency and additional contacts, including family members, caregivers, personal legal and financial advisors, etc.
Volunteer Self-Signup
Allows volunteers to assign themselves for services requested by members. Many villages are comfortable allowing certain types of services to be self-selected by certain volunteers, without the village office and staff being involved. Note that activating this function requires an additional one-time fee of $600, half of which is rebated to the village that originally paid for its development.


Membership Database
Built into your RunMyVillage website is a complete membership database for your club or association. With RunMyVillage, you move your membership database online, making it available to authorized administrators and ensuring that it's secure, properly formatted and backed up. RunMyVillage includes a full suite of database management tools, as well as the ability to run reports or data exports of this data.
Member Types, Renewals and Expirations
RunMyVillage allows you to define any number of member types, each with different durations, fees, availability and other properties. Member types can include multiple people with or without the ability to login. RunMyVillage gives you full control over how your club or association handles renewals and expirations.
Signups, Renewals and Expirations
New members can sign up online using the Member Signup Wizard. RunMyVillage also handles renewals and expirations for you automatically. Renewal notices are emailed or mailed based on a schedule you determine and the database is always current.
Member Profile
Members have their own username and password to login and view member-only content. The Profile screen allows members to update their personal information, bio and photo, and preferences for forums, interest groups and other modules, and to view a complete transaction and payment history.
RunMyVillage allows you to track the various committees and subcommittees in your organization, including the board of directors. Committees can be defined as open or closed, with specific titles and terms of office. 
Non-Member Database
RunMyVillage also includes a separate database of non-members, people you need to keep in contact with such as prospective members, event registrants, donors, press, local government and public safety officials, and other interested persons. The system includes database management tools, reports and exports for this database, as well as the ability to send emails to all or part of this list.
Member Interests
Clubs and associations use the Interests module to describe various special interests, activities, affinities and expertise within the membership. Interests are grouped into categories which you also define.
Track volunteering opportunities with multiple "slots" and multiple people required for each slot. Track attendance and hours spent volunteering for the club.
Social Networking
RunMyVillage has the most powerful integration with major social networks of any AMS.
  • Link from the website to your club's Facebook and LinkedIn page, Twitter feed, etc.
  • Display your club's Facebook page or Twitter feed as a widget on your website.
  • Allow members to define links to their personal social networking pages.
  • Users can "share" a club page or event on their personal social networking pages.
  • Push website updates, blog posts, events, and other news to your club's social networking pages.
  • Facebook meta tag image support.


Look and Feel of your Website
Select a built-in template and layout, then customize it in millions of ways, including the appearance of text elements, color schemes, design schemes, and menu appearance. Add a custom header, background image, and watermark. Customize further with full CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery support.

Click here for website examples

Custom Web Pages
Create as many static web pages as you need, with full control over text formatting, photos and other images, embedded audio and video, links, etc. You also have full control over the website's Home Page, including separate content for members vs. the public.
Photo Pages
Upload as many hi-res digital photos as you want, organize them by tags and place them on specially designed photo pages. The system stores each photo in different resolutions and optionally allows users to download hi-res photos from the website.
Event Calendar
RunMyVillage supports a powerful event calendar with online registration and payment, as well as attendance tracking. The calendar supports single-activity or multi-activity events, multiple pricing options, the ability to add companions to an event registration, event-specific questions, event filtering and category tools, and many other options.
Document Library
Create a library of documents, organized into any number of folders and sub-folders, with full control over visibility. You can track how often each document is downloaded, and even allow members to upload and comment on documents.
E-Commerce Storefront
Sell club merchandise through your website, with support for any number of products and product variations, inventory tracking, online ordering and payment, shipments, backordering, and many other properties.
Other Website Functions
RunMyVillage also supports a News function for announcements, an Articles function to organize and reuse content, an FAQ / Technical Library function to display articles in a QA format, online donations, committees, member interests, blogs, and other special functions.
Mobile Device Compatibility
RunMyVillage websites are fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. They will dynamically reformat to show website content appropriately for each type of device. You can create special versions of your home page, page header, content boxes, and custom web pages for mobile devices.
Domain Names and Traffic Monitoring
Use your own domain names and to create Quick Links to any page. You can integrate with Google Analytics to monitor website traffic.


Online and Offline Payments
RunMyVillage fully supports online credit card payments for memberships, event registrations, donations, storefront purchases and misc. charges. There is a built-in merchant account or you can use your own merchant account. RunMyVillage also supports Paypal, printing an invoice to mail a check, and allowing admins to record check and cash payments.
Integration with your Bank Account(s)
RunMyVillage fully integrates with one or more club or chapter bank accounts, allowing us to remit funds collected through the website directly to you, automatically every 10 days. Credit card processing fees and our monthly hosting fees are also collected through this interface. For multi-tier organizations, RunMyVillage can even distribute funds into chapter bank accounts automatically.
Transaction and Payment/Credit History
Behind the scenes, RunMyVillage manages transactions and payments using proper accounting principles. The system supports multiple payment types, partial payments, credits, and financial accounting. Members and admins can view a complete history of all transactions, payments and credits.
Integration with QuickBooks
RunMyVillage is not a full accounting system for your club or association. But we optionally integrate with QuickBooks so that transactions, payments, credits, fees and "customers" can be exported from the system and imported directly into your QuickBooks database. (Note: an additional fee of $20/month applies to this option.)
Create multiple funds into which members and non-members can make one-time or recurring donations. The system also supports matching corporate donations and tracking non-cash donations.
Reports and Data Exports
RunMyVillage provides an extensive range of financial reports and data exports, each with many filtering and output options.


Village Properties
Control the keyword used for your organization (usually "village"!) as well as members, chapters, and other properties.
Multiple Security Levels
RunMyVillage supports seven separate levels of security and you can have as many people as you need at each level. We do not charge you based on the number of admins you need.
Organization Data
RunMyVillage powerfully supports multi-tier clubs (with chapters, districts and regions.) Many functions have been multi-tier enabled so that, for example, chapter members only see events, committees, and other members in their chapter. The system also includes a powerful Chapter Finder function.
Club Functions
RunMyVillage includes special functions to display club contacts, committees and subcommittees, news and press releases, benefits, event calendar, donations, E-Commerce storefront, and surveys. Each of these functions supports dozens of options based on the different ways that clubs operate.
Joining Agreement
Many clubs and associations require members to sign a joining agreement, perhaps as a waiver of liability or a code of ethics to which the member must agree. RunMyVillage fully supports this option.


RunMyVillage provides powerful support for blast emails to members and non-members. You can create complex distribution lists based on the member and non-member databases, then save them for later reuse. The system supports fully formatted emails, including personalization, embedded links, images, and attachments, and saved templates that you can customize at any time, test emails to oneself, tracking who opens the email, and comprehensive bad email handling.
Text Messaging
RunMyVillage provides powerful tools that allow administrators to communicate with members and non-members via text message. You can create complex distribution lists and send single- or double-length messages to members who have opted-in to receive texts from your club. Messages can include links to events or website pages. Note that this feature requires monthly and per-message fees since we have to use a third-party service to communicate with the mobile operators.
Discussion Forums
RunMyVillage supports a powerful discussion forums module, allowing you to create any number of online or email-based forums (aka listservers). Each forum has full control over membership (all members, opt-in, linked to a committee, or interest group, or chapter, or member type, etc.) Forum messages are organized into threads, and support attachments, embedded photos, links, and full formatting. Forums also include a powerful search function, a full suite of forum configuration tools as well as thread and message management tools.
RunMyVillage supports a powerful real-time Chat function on the mobile app and through the website. Create any number of chat “channels” that support immediate messaging to all channel members, avatars, emojis, links, photos, likes, and replies.
The unique Meets function on the mobile app and through the website allows members to opt-in to meet with other members in their immediate vicinity. Members have full control over their visibility and the amount of time they are available to meet.
RunMyVillage allows clubs to create any number of blogs that are managed by a knowledgeable member, with full support for formatting, links, embedded photos and videos, comments and other common blogging features.
RunMyVillage includes a surveys function that supports multi-page, multi-question surveys. Each answer can be in one of 25+ different formats. The surveys function has special options to allow a survey to be used for club elections. The system also supports Quick Polls, one question only with the answers immediately visible.
Ad Hoc Forms
Create any number of ad hoc forms to collect information from members and non-members. These single-page forms can have as many questions as you need, with the answers in 25+ different formats. Forms can prompt for attachments and you can optionally charge a one-time fee to submit a form.
Allow members and optionally non-members to post classified ads for items they want to sell. Optionally charge a fee to post and renew an item, with full control over how long an item remains visible and how many times it can be renewed.

Professional and Trade Associations

Contact Log / CRM Module
This optional module allows admins to track every contact with members and non-members, including emails, phone calls, faxes, letters, meetings, etc. For each contact, you can manage a followup date, category, description, status, responsible staff person, and priority. Reports and exports make it easy to manage this data.
Continuing Education and Certification 
The Continuing Education and Certification module allows professional associations to track the different ways in which members (and, optionally, non-members) can maintain certifications by earning CE credits/units/points. The module begins by defining one or more certifications and the units necessary to earn and maintain a certification. You can define fees for exams, renewals, study materials, and classes. You can also define the length of time a certification is valid before it needs to be renewed. Then you define the different ways in which members can earn credits/units/points, including attending classes, working in their professional field, writing papers or books, presenting at conferences, volunteering on association committees, etc.

Once the module is configured, members sign up for certifications. They can enter their professional activities in the various categories for review by the association. Supporting documentation can also be uploaded. Once a sufficient number of credits/units/points have been earned, the certificate is awarded or renewed and can even be printed from within the software.

The module provides a full suite of tools to allow administrators to review and approve certifications and print certificates, welcome letters, and mailing packets. It also provides a full suite of tools to allow administrators to review and approve continuing education credits/units/points. These can be earned in different ways, including through the attendance of pre-approved classes.
Jobs Board
This module allows professional and trade associations to post available jobs that members (and optionally non-members) can view. The system allows members only to post jobs that may or may not immediately become visible. There may be a fee to post a job and jobs will be visible for a defined period of time, with the option to renew a listing. The module does not currently support non-members directly posting jobs.
Online Professional Development
The Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI) module was developed for an association that offered its own online courses, to allow members to earn continuing education units (CEUs) and points towards a certificate. Students can take a variety of courses in different tracks, focused on different knowledge domains and based on their individual career goals. Courses are presented online using the Sakai Learning Management System (LMS), an open-source platform that is one of the most respected ones available. This module interfaces with an instance of Sakai managed by the LAMP Consortium (

Please note that activating these modules requires an additional one-time setup fee.


Chapters, Districts and Regions
RunMyVillage provides powerful support for multi-tier clubs with chapters, districts and regions. We support two separate models that reflect the different ways in which multi-tier clubs are organized.
Model 1: One Website
In this model, there is one website belonging to the top-level club. Members join at the top level and are then assigned to one or more chapters. The hierarchy can have up to three levels below the parent club: chapters grouped into districts, which in turn can be grouped into regions. The website and database belong to the parent organization which manages and controls the subgroups directly.

In this model the parent club defines member types and dues, including chapter, district and region dues. You also have full control over how many chapters you can join. Each subgroup can have its own bank account and RunMyVillage can automatically distribute fees collected for each subgroup into its account. You can have subgroup administrators who can define events, committees, document libraries, web pages and discussion forums just for the members of that subgroup; they can also run reports and send emails only to the subgroups they manage. 

Model 2: Mutiple Websites
In this model, the local chapters are independent and each has its own website and database. Members join at the local chapter level and each chapter is responsible for defining member types and dues. Members login to that website to update their profile, participate in discussion forums, register for events, make payments, etc.

But these individual chapters may also be part of a larger organization, serving in a "parent" role, aggregating members, events, discussions, etc. This parent organization will have its own website and members of the individual chapters can also login to this website to perform the same activities described above at the higher level. The top-level organization has a virtual database. Administrators at this level can view member contact information, define committees, discussion forums, share events, share the member directory, etc. Every chapter can use the same template to reinforce a common brand and identity across the whole organization. This template can have a panel that's controlled by the parent organization but visible on the websites of each local club.

Mobile App

The RunMyVillage Mobile App was designed from the ground up for smartphones and tablets, running on both Apple iOS and Google Android. It is designed for members only, who will download the app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play and install it on their devices. RunMyVillage will build a separate app for each club or association, with its own home screen icon, splash screen, and branding. Members login once with the same credentials that they use on your website and if they click the "Remember Me" option, they can login automatically after that.

The mobile app is built around "channels", which are generally defined by administrators through the website Control Panel. You can have as many channels as you want and channels can be defined in eight different ways:
  • All active members
  • Member opt-in
  • Administrator defined
  • Based on an interest group
  • Based on a committee
  • Based on a member type
  • Based on a subgroup (chapter, district, region)
  • Based on the answer to an additional member data question
For clubs and associations that have activated the mobile app, you can also create a channel when you create an interest group, committee, member type, or subgroup. Members have new options on their Profile screen to manage the channels available to them as well as their mobile Profile. For example, members might have access to a specific channel because of their membership in an interest group but it's up to them to decide if they will actively participate in this channel on their mobile device.

Channel privacy is strictly enforced. Members will only see the channels that they have access to. A club could have a hundred channels but if a member only has access to five of them, they won't know that the others exist. And channel data is never available to non-members.
Your Website on the Mobile App
The Chat and Meets functions are also available on your website! For example, users who want to participate in channel chat from their desktop or laptop computers can easily do so by logging into your club or association website.

The mobile app also makes your complete website available on the mobile device, including all custom pages, modules, the member menu, a member's individual Profile, the renewal wizard, the event registration wizard, and many other screens. The look and feel for all screens and modules has been optimized for mobile devices.
The mobile app has a one-time setup fee of $100. This covers our time to build a version of the app specific to your club or association. After that, you will pick one of two options for how members will download the app to their device:
  • Members will pay $2.00 to download the app. Apple and Google keep 30% of this fee (60¢). The balance is split equally between RunMyVillage and your club or association (70¢ each.) This amount will be paid to you within 30 days of the end of each month.
  • Members will download the app for free but RunMyVillage will then charge you 70¢ for each download, charged within 30 days of the end of the month.
We know that many of you will want to evaluate the mobile app before committing to it. So we created a version of the app for our Northwest Balloon Club demo club. For instructions on how to download this app, click here. When you are ready to activate the mobile app, go to Control Panel - Website tab - Setup section - Mobile App Setup and follow the prompts.

Please note that activating the mobile app for your club or association takes a little time. You need to create a couple of images and icons and upload them to your website. We need to review them, build the customized app, and submit it to Apple and Google. Then it may take a few days before they approve the app and make it visible in the Apple AppStore or Google Play. We will notify you when this is done so that you can notify your members.
Channel-based Features
Once members login, they select a channel from a popup list and then they have access to five special functions that are channel-based:
  • Meets - uses the geolocation features of the member's device to help them meet other channel members. Member participation in Meets is entirely optional; if they are concerned about privacy, they simply don't make themselves visible. But if members are in a time and place where they’re open to meeting other channel members, they can make themselves visible for a specified period of time.
  • Directory - shows a list of channel members, allowing members to look each other up. This function respects the visibility settings defined on the website. It also integrates with email, texting, and calling on the user's mobile device.
  • Chat - this is a live chat function similar to those provided by Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack and other popular platforms, but limited to the members of a specific channel. Chat displays a sequence of messages posted by channel members, each message including the member's avatar or initials, their name and the date/time when the message was posted. Members write messages up to 500 characters in length; they can also include an image, external links, or links to an event or poll in each message. The Chat function also includes live notifications through your device whenever new messages are posted to a channel chat. There is also a "Like" function and admin tools to edit or delete inappropriate messages. 
  • Events - this is a calendar specific to the channel. It also allows members to create their own QuickEvents to share with other channel members.
  • Polls - this is a quick poll function, allowing channel members to vote on issues of importance to them. It also allows members to create their own Polls to share with other channel members.

Event Calendar

Event Registration
Define registrant types with event registration fees. Create as many registrant types as you need, and accept online payments for registrations.
Event Capacity
Limit the capacity for your event and track the number of registrations.
Send targeted emailings to event registrants. Remind your registrants about the upcoming event and send event updates.
Event Fees
Define different fees for members, non-members, and guests, for each activity. Fees can change after a specified date. Control when and where payment is made.
Admin Tools
Full suite of admin tools to manage and edit registrations and payments, run reports and exports, and print name tags.
Copy Function
Copy events one time or multiple times by day, week, month, or year.
Track Attendance
Track attendance and build attendance reports.
Multiple Activities
Create multiple activity events and even span days. Charge different amounts for different activities, and set registrant types for individual activities.
Grid or List View
Set your default view to traditional grid or list view. Click on the event short description or day to see the fully customizable HTML details.
Agreements and Policies
Optionally define an event release/waiver agreement that all registrants need to sign. Optionally define cancellation and refund policies.
Quick Events
Create Quick Events that allow members to register with just one click! Optionally allow members to add their own Quick Events to the calendar.

Security, Privacy and Ownership of Data

Comprehensive Security
The RunMyVillage security implementation exceeds all national and international requirements and is the most comprehensive of any company in the industry. (Also see below for information about GDPR compliance.)
Physical and Network Security
Our servers are located in a high-security, commercial-grade data center, operated by one of the most respected hosting companies in the business. No one gets physical access to the servers, not even us (we manage them remotely using a powerful VPN.) The servers are located behind a firewall that is locked down tight; we don’t let anything in except what is specifically permitted by the platform. Our hosting company has passed both SSAE16 Type 2 and SOC2 Type 2 audits.
Multiple redundancies are built into the system. Servers run hot-swap power supplies and hard disks and use RAID technologies. Data is backed up nightly to offsite storage, and the database servers are also backed up in real time.
Passwords Encryption
Member and admin passwords are fully encrypted using one-way hashed and salted algorithms. We can reset them but we cannot read them (in case a member uses the same password for different websites.) Credit card data is encrypted within the database using Triple DES. RunMyVillage is fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant as a Level 2 merchant. A current PCI Compliance certificate can be provided on request.
7 Separate Levels of Access
RunMyVillage supports 7 separate levels of administrator/coordinator access, and you can have as many people as you need at each level.
ClubExpress does not use 3rd party cookies. We use only session cookies and a couple of 1st party cookies to remember each user's personal configuration, such as the "Remember Me" setting for automatic login.
"Always Secure" and TLS 1.2 Support
RunMyVillage websites can be configured to be "Always Secure" -- using https:// for all public and member-only pages. Member and admin interactions with RunMyVillage cannot be sniffed or intercepted. We also require TLS1.2 support, the strictest level of SSL.

RunMyVillage also allows clubs and associations to purchase a 1-year or 2-year SSL certificate from us, installed automatically on our servers, so that your own domain name appears in the address bar for all users, across the whole website.

RunMyVillage is the only association management vendor to receive a grade of “A” from the Qualys SSL Labs testing service.
Members Have Full Control of Their Data
Members have full control over the visibility of their data, including the ability to receive emails and whether they appear in the member directory and what information is shown. Of course, you can also turn off the membership directory completely so that member data is only visible to authorized admins.
You Retain Ownership of Your Data
RunMyVillage is an Online Service Provider (OSP). As such, you retain ownership of your data at all times. RunMyVillage will never sell, barter, trade or otherwise share member or non-member data with 3rd parties. We will never contact your members or non-members directly except as part of the official business of your organization (for example, to send members a scheduled renewal notice.) And we never put advertising on your website!
Privacy Rules and GDPR Compliance
RunMyVillage is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacted by the European Union in May, 2018. But we also provide the tools to allow your club or association to be compliant. Through RunMyVillage, you define a Data Protection Officer and specify how member and non-member data will be collected, stored, and processed. Members and non-members must consent to storing and processing their data in the US (on the RunMyVillage servers), to receive transaction messages from your organization, and to share their data for official club purposes. RunMyVillage also provides the interface to respond to "Forget Me" requests.

Unlike other AMS vendors who just protect themselves, with RunMyVillage, you don't need to consult with lawyers or experts to fully understand these regulations (a complex and daunting task.) RunMyVillage has done the hard work to protect you under GDPR.

We did a webinar on May 30th, 2018 on GDPR and Privacy:
Read the Announcement Details
Watch Webinar Video
Privacy Webinar - Slide Show
Privacy Webinar - Chat Transcript

International Support

RunMyVillage fully supports clubs and associations outside the US, including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Continue reading for more details:

RunMyVillage can handle credit card processing and PayPal in Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros, with the funds deposited directly into your local bank account; no conversions required. You can also change the currency symbol to anything you want in up to 4 characters, so that members and non-members clearly understand that their transactions will be done in their local currency. For example, a club or association in Australia could use $AU, $AUS, AUD for the currency symbol. We’re working on support for up to 150 other currencies.
Date, Time and Number Formats
RunMyVillage will automatically pick up the user’s local format for dates (mm/dd/yyyy or or dd/mm/yyyy) and times. Users in Europe will see the period as a thousands separator and the comma as the decimal separator (the opposite of what’s used in the US and other countries. This will work even for international members of a US-based club or association.
Metric Units
The platform uses metric units of measurement for organizations outside the US.
Event Calendar Holidays
If you enable Holidays to be shown in the event calendar, the system will now show country-specific holidays for the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.
Time Zones
RunMyVillage includes powerful time zone support to accurately track the local time for important activities such as a membership signup or renewal, an event registration, an event close date, a forum post, a volunteering assignment, a donation, a scheduled resource, a survey close date and response, transactions and payments, contact requests, etc. Each organization has a default time zone but members also have a local time zone, which is important for national clubs that may have members across the US or around the world. A time zone will be assigned automatically at both the club and member levels, based on the specified country and state but it can be changed for situations where a country or state may have multiple time zones.
Address Panels
All address panels in the system are fully responsive to the specified country.
Tax Support
RunMyVillage fully supports calculating and tracking Sales Tax, VAT, and GST for memberships, event registrations, and other areas where payments are made and may be subject to taxation.
International Character Sets
Many parts of RunMyVillage have been updated to fully support international character sets, although this work is ongoing.
Learn more about how RunMyVillage is fully compliant with the European GDPR, the strictest privacy rules in the world.
Learn more about Payment Processing options for clubs and associations outside the US.

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